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Master Po Ping is the main protagonist of the Kung Fu Panda series. He is a giant panda and the adoptive son of Mr. Ping, as well as one of Master Shifu's students at the Jade Palace. He is also the foretold Dragon Warrior of legend.



Po is usually easygoing, playful, and cocky like a big kid, as well as rather "fanboyish" when expressing his love for kung fu. In the first film, he is seen as a huge fan of the martial art, owning posters and action figures of his favorite warriors, but is himself clumsy, portly, and having low self-confidence, only dreaming he could be a great warrior while feeling stuck in his unfulfilling life at his father's noodle shop. But when given the chance, he is all too eager to learn kung fu the hard way, enduring physical beatings and insults in hopes of changing who he is. After learning that "there is no secret ingredient", Po shows the inner strength to save the Valley of Peace by using his own skills and ingenuity, and in the end becomes his own hero.

Po usually displays an action-craving attitude along with a natural affinity for humor, and isn't below acting clownish and dishing out quips, even making fun of himself, in order to entertain others. Imaginative and adventurous, he continues to act excitable and marvel over his heroes even after he has become the Dragon Warrior, at times leaving them embarrassed by his behavior. As Po tends to be less serious and disciplined than his fellow kung fu masters, he also tends to think more outside the box, and will find different, creative ways to solve a problem if need be.

Additionally, despite often acting immature and oblivious, Po is able to take things seriously when it is called for, and not hesitant to accept heavy responsibility—at times taking on more than he can handle. Po can also learn things very quickly with the right motivation, and has memorized a vast amount of knowledge about kung fu, even being reliable enough to teach a class on his own. Although humble and timid, he does have a sense of dignity and abrasiveness, as shown in the first film when he objected to Shifu as the master insulted him upon his arrival, and later when he and the red panda argued as Po attempted to leave the palace.

Though Po tries to balance both sides of his busy life—that of his family with Mr. Ping, and his duties as the Dragon Warrior—this is at times difficult for him. Always having a deep reverence for kung fu and his fellow warriors, Po is nevertheless willing to put family ahead of his responsibilities as Dragon Warrior, even if it means passing on prestigious events and disappointing others who count on him. Po has also broken some rules and traditions (as well as still having a habit of breaking physical things), though this is often unintentional. Po will also often try to talk tough, however, this boisterous behavior tends to become more comical than threatening, and is perhaps a front for the panda's insecurities.

In the second film, he also developed confusion about his own identity after learning he was adopted by Mr. Ping, and seeing visions of his biological parents. This inner struggle also showed Po to be rather stubborn when it comes to admitting his problems, even to his friends, as he tries to stay true to his idea of a strong "hardcore" warrior who is unaffected by emotions. He was also persistent enough to not heed the warning of his friends and endanger himself in order to find answers about his past. However, after finding the truth about what happened to his parents, the panda was able to let go of this dilemma by retaining an appreciation for the life he had led, and achieved inner peace by not letting tragedy define who he was.

Po has hardly changed since his days before learning kung fu, but his unlikely triumph as the Dragon Warrior has changed those around him. Simple, good-natured, and fueled by determination, Po doesn't seem to hold grudges, even against those who doubt him or treat him with contempt, and is selfless when it comes to protecting those in need, even being able to show compassion for his enemies. Po is much like the opposite of Tai Lung, in that he shows light-heartedness and humility instead of arrogance and desire for more power. It is these qualities, as well as his great respect for kung fu and his loving heart, that mark Po as the Dragon Warrior, able to defeat Tai Lung when no one else could.

Story in "Kung Fu Panda"[]

Early Life[]

Po was born in a remote farming village populated entirely by pandas. There he grew up happily with his biological mother and father, until one day the village was invaded by an evil, power-hungry peacock named Shen, who sought to avert a prophecy by eliminating any threat to his rule.

As his wolf followers slaughtered the pandas and destroyed the village, Po's mother fled with her son, while his father stayed behind to try and fight them off. As the wolves quickly started to close in on her, Po's mother managed to temporarily elude the wolves and found a crate of radishes, which she hid her child in. Mother and son shared one final moment of farewell before his mother caught the attention of the wolves and lead them away from him, sacrificing her life for her son.

The crate Po was in was eventually shipped far away to a village in the Valley of Peace, where the owner of a noodle shop, Mr. Ping, found the baby panda. Though hesitant to get involved at first, the goose felt pity for the infant and brought him inside where he fed him and gave him a bath, and as he continued to care for him, he grew to love the cub. Eventually realizing that no one was looking for the child, Mr. Ping decided to adopt him, giving him the name "Po" and raising him as his own son.

Since then, Po had been happily raised in the noodle shop, learning all he knew as a noodle maker from his adoptive father. Until the events in the second film, Po never questioned Mr. Ping about whether he was adopted, as both father and son shared a deep mutual love and respect. He did, however, carry doubts that they were related.

Po had grown up into an adventurous dreamer who hoped to become a kung fu legend some day, on par with the Furious Five, whom he idolized. However, he didn't think he could pursue his dream, as he was an out-of-shape panda who worked at a noodle shop, which Mr. Ping enthusiastically expected him to some day run in his place. Though Po showed little interest in continuing this family tradition, he complied, not wanting to let his father down.

At heart, Po was a huge fan of kung fu, as his room was decorated with posters and action figures of the Furious Five, and he would imagine himself as an Legendary Warrior|unbeatable warrior who would fight alongside them. Po knew, in detail because of this, many things about kung fu, from techniques to various weapons and legends. Although this encyclopedic knowledge showed Po as somewhat of an expert on kung fu, it was only in the form of a fan who fantasized he could be part of it, not as someone who had any real experience.

It was seemingly by mistake, then, that he was chosen to become the Dragon Warrior. Po was ecstatic when he heard of a tournament being held to determine which of the Furious Five would be chosen as the Dragon Warrior, something he declared would be the "greatest day in kung fu history". He abandoned his task of selling noodles in order to see the tournament, but couldn't make it in time, as the gates closed on him, shutting him out.

After many failed, desperate attempts to get inside and watch the event, Po was about to give up and go back to work with his father—when the fireworks that he had strapped to a chair lit up and shot him into the sky, flying over the arena. Po abruptly landed inside the tournament grounds just as Oogway was about to choose who would be the Dragon Warrior, and Po fell in front of the Furious Five—with Oogway's claw pointed directly at him. Inspired by the panda's sudden appearance, Oogway took this as a sign that the universe had brought them all the Dragon Warrior. Everyone else, including Po, was surprised by this.

The Valley celebrated, and Po was carried (with difficulty) on a palanquin (which he broke through) to the Jade Palace. Po was dropped inside the palace, where he became distracted as he discovered the many legendary kung fu artifacts kept within. After awing at several displays, he was met by Shifu, who had objected that a "flabby panda" couldn't possibly be the Dragon Warrior, and the red panda tried to intimidate Po upon meeting him, insulting his portliness, hygiene, and threatening Po with potential use of the Wuxi Finger Hold, promising the panda that he would regret ever being chosen.

Shifu afterwards led Po to the challenging Training Hall, where the members of the Furious Five were training. Po, thrilled at being in the presence of the Five (who were all observing him), was nervous but eager to try some kung fu moves. But being an unwary beginner, he was hurtled, burnt, punched, and thrown through the various obstacles. The Furious Five later joked about his incompetence, which Po happened to overhear, making him feel inferior.

That night, after making accidental damages in the student barracks, Po had an awkward conversation with Crane (where Po himself revealed that he didn't think he belonged at the Jade Palace). He was then given a rebuke from Tigress, who told him stern and straightforward, that he didn't belong in the Jade Palace, was a disgrace to kung fu, and should leave by morning. Po, disheartened, retreated to the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, upset and overeating, cramming his mouth full with peaches. Oogway, upon finding him, listened to Po as the panda related how he had doubts about ever becoming a kung fu warrior. The tortoise gave him some kindly advice, telling Po that instead of being concerned about what was and what would be, he should focus on the opportunity he had at the moment.

The next morning, Po surprised Shifu and the Furious Five by not only staying, but by arriving first at the training courtyard to practice. Once again, Po was put through a kung fu thrashing, beat up by the Furious Five and Shifu long into the day, but Po showed no signs of pain or indignity, as he was so amazed by the skill he witnessed and only welcomed the privilege to spar with the kung fu masters. This optimism and sheer tenacity at such treatment frustrated Shifu, who, even after literally kicking Po out of the palace, was unsuccessful in making him quit.

The Furious Five, with the exception of Tigress, became impressed at Po's fortitude, and came to warm up to to him more in the evening. Mantis and Viper tried helping Po feel better with acupuncture, and Mantis assured him about his own small size as a warrior compared to Po's. After inadvertently confirming his suspicions that Shifu was indeed trying to get rid of him, Viper and Mantis explained to Po that the old master was not always so strict. Having overheard their conversation, Tigress shared the story of Shifu's past involving how he had raised Tai Lung, who became evil, and Po was rendered speechless. However, due to an unintentional mistake on his facial nerve by Mantis, he ended up making a spastic expression, which angered Tigress.

Po later made the Furious Five some noodle soup, which he was praised for, and made them (save for Tigress) laugh when he did an imitation of Shifu—only moments before the master himself appeared. He announced that Tai Lung had broken out of Chorh-Gom Prison, and that it was Po's destiny to defeat him, also relaying that Oogway had passed away. Startled and frightened, Po ran off in a panic, only to be stopped shortly by Shifu, who, despite his prior disapproval, declared that Po was the Dragon Warrior.

Refusing to believe this, Po confronted Shifu on how he'd never believed in him, and had been trying to make him quit since his first day, while Shifu reminded Po that he had chosen to stay, despite all the harsh treatment. Po revealed that he had been hurt both inside and out, but had stayed because, to him, it was better than living every day just being himself, and wanted so badly for the kung fu master to change him into something better. When Po questioned Shifu on just how he planned to make him the Dragon Warrior capable of defeating the mighty Tai Lung, the red panda admitted he didn't know, and departed.

Discouraged, Po again fled to food for comfort, and had nearly ravaged the kitchen in the barracks, punching through cupboards and drawers, even doing a perfect split at one point, when Shifu discovered him the next morning. He stood amazed, seeing that the panda had inadvertently showed a knack for kung fu while merely trying to find food in his distressed state. Shifu decided to use this perceived weakness as a teaching tool to motivate and train Po.

Led through the Wu Dan Mountains to the Pool of Sacred Tears, Shifu told Po the origins of kung fu. Po agreed to learn from Shifu, astounded and emotional from finally getting a chance to live his dream. And so began his first serious step in kung fu training. Po was put through various exercises, from push-ups to ten-mile hikes, to balancing soup bowls, defending his own meals from attack, and a game of keep away, using chopsticks and a dumpling as a reward. Through determination, and with Shifu's teaching, Po's senses grew sharper, he became more confident, and in time, had achieved tremendous improvements in body, mind and spirit.

But the Furious Five, led by Tigress, had left to fight Tai Lung on their own. Despite putting up a courageous fight on the Thread of Hope that morning, each of them was overwhelmed by Tai Lung's superior skill, but left alive as a warning. Crane weakly carried his comrades back to the Jade Palace, where Po and Shifu found the rest of the Five all paralyzed, struck by Tai Lung's nerve attack. Seeing his heroes wounded before him, Po was worried about facing Tai Lung himself, but Shifu assured him that he could beat Tai Lung—with the help of the Dragon Scroll.

Po being awarded the Dragon Scroll by ShifuHe retrieved it, giving it to Po and promising him extraordinary powers of sight and sound when he would read it, and feeling "the universe in motion around you". Po opened the scroll, only to find it was nothing but a golden, reflective surface that was completely ‘’blank‘’. This confused and disappointed both him, Shifu, and the Five, leaving Po to believe that he really had been picked to be the Dragon Warrior by accident. With little options left, Shifu told the Furious Five to evacuate the Valley, saying that he would fight Tai Lung himself to buy them all time. They obeyed, Po reluctantly leaving with the others.

The Five split up to escort the villagers out, leaving a dispirited Po to seek out his father. Mr. Ping was glad to see him again, tying an apron around Po and talking to him about future plans for a new noodle shop as they fled with the rest of the Valley. Having come so close at becoming the kung fu warrior he'd aspired to be, and being pulled back into his former life as if nothing had happened, Po unhappily lingered for a moment, his hopes crushed. Mr. Ping tried to assure his son that he still had a destiny at the noodle restaurant. Not encouraged by this, Po remarked that he sometimes couldn't even believe he was the goose's son.

Mr. Ping, taken aback, tried to comfort Po by finally telling him the truth: the secret ingredient of the noodle shop's secret ingredient soup—was nothing. He explained that he never needed to add anything more to ordinary noodle soup. By simply believing it to be special, it became special on its own. Astounded, Po took out the Dragon Scroll, and found himself looking into his own reflection. Mr. Ping's words made the connection, and at last Po understood the meaning of the Dragon Scroll, the secret to "limitless power".

He made his way back to the Jade Palace, climbing the stairs (which exhausted him), and arrived just in time to distract Tai Lung and save Shifu, who was nearly unconscious as a result of his battle with the snow leopard. Facing Tai Lung, Po proclaimed that he was the true Dragon Warrior. Tai Lung laughed at the claim, and Po smugly revealed that he the Dragon Scroll in his possession. This lead to a back-and-forth struggle for the scroll which soon turned into a battle that spread down into the Valley, both Po and Tai Lung trying to get the Dragon Scroll as it fell from place to place.

Po used his creative cunning to keep the scroll away from Tai Lung, even using noodles and a cart propelled by fireworks in the battle, as well as the same maneuvers in his game of "keep-away" with Shifu. Despite his ongoing success, Po finally collapsed when Tai Lung met him with a powerful punch, pummeling the panda to the ground. When Tai Lung finally had the scroll, he was disappointed and stunned when he discovered it was blank. Po, as he was getting up, told him that he hadn't got the scroll's meaning the first time either, and explained that "There is no secret ingredient; it's just you." Infuriated, Tai Lung threw down the Dragon Scroll and struck Po, but his deadly nerve attacks only served to have a ticklish effect on Po, making him laugh.

Again, the two fought, Po besting and outsmarting Tai Lung again and again, developing his own improvised style in the process. Eventually, Po caught Tai Lung in the Wuxi Finger Hold, declaring to have figured out the secret to the mysterious technique on his own, and with the word "Skadoosh" and the flexing of his pinky, Po performed the move, sending a massive golden shock wave throughout the Valley of Peace and beyond and defeating Tai Lung.

When the Furious Five and villagers returned, they watched Po emerge from the haze in silence, and became elated, the villagers cheering for his triumph. Mr. Ping raced to his son, overjoyed and proud of his victory as a kung fu warrior. Tigress stepped forward and bowed to Po in respect, smiling and calling him "Master," and the rest of the Furious Five and the Valley followed suit. Po was modestly pleased, but quickly remembered that Shifu was hurt back at the palace. He rushed back and found Shifu still injured, and told him he had defeated Tai Lung.

Shifu weakly thanked Po for bringing peace both to the Valley and to him, afterwards trailing off and closing his eyes, leaving Po to momentarily mistake him as dying, to which Shifu exclaimed he wasn‘t. After a quiet, meditative moment, Po asked him if he wanted to get something to eat. He and Shifu later enjoyed a meal of dumplings at the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, overlooking a new day in the Valley of Peace.

In Secrets of the Furious Five[]

Po was instructed by Shifu to teach a class of new kung fu students, made up of rambunctious rabbit children. Shifu told Po that it may very well be the toughest challenge he's ever faced, and left a dubious Po to teach the class himself. After calming down the excited group, Po told them stories of how each of the Furious Five learned the secrets of kung fu. When Shifu returned to check on Po's progress, he first thought that Po had taught the rowdy students that kung fu is all about fighting; but after hearing the children point out the lessons of having patience, courage, discipline, compassion, and confidence, Shifu found that Po had taught them well, and allowed him to keep teaching the class.

In Kung Fu Panda Holiday[]

It was the time of the Winter Festival, and Po was informed by Master Shifu in noodle shop that he was to host the Winter Feast at the Jade Palace. The Furious Five were surprised when Po told them this news, and offered to help him prepare for the sophisticated dinner. However, Po was confident that he could do it himself, and was excited about the chance to host the formal gathering. But soon enough, he became overwhelmed by the many tasks of preparing for the Feast, and was burdened further by not being able to have his father come to the event.

After accidentally rejecting and disgracing a rabbit chef named Wo Hop with the "Hun-Shu Wave of Dismissal", Po decided to intentionally dismiss the other chefs trying out for the Feast by tasting and saying their dishes were awful, and he later offered the job to his father, along with the Golden Ladle, in hopes that the two of them could spend the holiday together. However, Mr. Ping refused, stating he couldn't be away from the restaurant and let his customers down. After Po told him he couldn't be home during the holiday, Mr. Ping grudgingly told him to to the palace feast, resulting in Po feeling guilty.

Afterwards in the palace kitchen, Po was challenged by Wo Hop to a fight to the death in order to restore his honor, and the rabbit chef made several attempts to attack Po and end his own life, the panda preventing him from doing so again and again. After several disasters, including the kitchen being set of fire and an ice dragon sculpture being beheaded, Po fell into despair, believing that he had disappointed everyone. After a comment from Wo Hop about kung fu being unable to solve everything, Po decided to call on the Furious Five and Wo Hop to help him in his preparations for the Feast. With their extra efforts, everything came together just in time. Tending to a last-minute detail, Po left to fetch some ground jasmine, and saw the village houses decorated with colorful lanterns, and was sullen at seeing families together for their own feasts.

Later, when seated with Shifu, the Five, and the visiting kung fu masters at the Jade Palace, Po was complimented by Shifu for creating the perfect feast. However, Po himself was unhappy as he sat with his fellow masters, and found that he could not enjoy the ceremony, as much as he admired the kung fu heroes present. He explained to them his own traditions of having fun with his family, friends, and neighbors during the holiday. He then politely excused himself (much to Shifu's dismay), and then ran off to join his father at the noodle shop.

At the shop, Mr. Ping was pleased to see him, and apologized to Po for making him feel guilty, and Po offered to help him cook. They then worked together to make several bowls of holiday-themed noodle soup for the customers, who cheered for them. The Furious Five and the visiting masters later showed up at the restaurant and took part in the festivities as well. Po also presented the Golden Ladle to Wo Hop (whom had shown up to try and attack Po again), restoring honor to him and his home village.

Shifu also came to the noodle shop, still upset that Po had "ruined" the palace feast, but upon seeing the happy celebration taking place inside, Shifu came to appreciate Po's decision. When spotted by the panda, the master was invited inside, and though reluctant to join in the feast, Po insisted, telling him that he was part of his family as well. They joined the others, posing for a group portrait, and Po was able to appease everyone, thanks of his unorthodox, yet sincere actions.

In Kung Fu Panda Issue 1[]

"Po the Inmate"[]

Po and the Furious Five were led on a tour to evaluate the newly-designed Chorh-Gom Prison, where Po briefly embarrassed the Five by getting stuck in a cell. The new warden, like Vachir, was adamant about the prison's security, and about the added installments. Elsewhere, a rhino guard carelessly swung another onto a lever by accident, which resulted in the prison's mechanisms being triggered and Po, the Five, and the warden were trapped. After the warden tried kicking the door open and passed out, Po and the Five used their kung fu to fight off the Slaying Slicers (swinging, spiked rings) and the Bashing Beam (a gigantic falling mass of wood, which Po and Tigress worked together to hold up while the others reduced it to sawdust with the slicers).

In an effort to help, two guards from another room triggered the Logs of Lamentation to work as stairs for Po and the others to climb, and they did so, each taking turns in carrying and tossing the warden to one another like a hot potato before reaching a platform. However, stepping onto the platform only activated yet another trap as arrows were set off, targeted at them. Having an idea, Po reacted by jumping off, snapping one of the chains that helped hold the logs in the air, and kicking it up to serve as a shield for the arrows. Seeing this was effective, the Five followed his example with success. Po thanked the Five for their help, and a ladder was offered to them from the guards, who were alarmed when they heard a rumbling noise, thinking it was another trap, only to find was Po's stomach growling.

In Kung Fu Panda Issue 2[]

"Special Delivery"[]

Po was anticipating a package in the mail, but discovered that it was taken, along with the whole mail cart, by a gang of crows, and that such incidents had been happening a lot recently. To uncover the reason for this, Po had Mr. Ping take out a mail cart, while he hid inside and as expected, the crows appeared, and (with difficulty) carried the cart away. When they reached their destination, Po found himself in a palace surrounded by similar carts full of undelivered mail, and was soon confronted by a fox named Qinchu, the presumably the self-elected official of Mount Penglai. Qinchu told Po that he was trespassing and made no room for argument, declaring that he had worked hard to create order in the city by keeping outsiders out and residents in.

With that, he ordered his crows to throw Po out, and the panda was tossed down Mount Penglai. When he awoke from the painful fall, Po met the former official and his son, who had similarly been thrown down Mount Penglai. Po learned about Qinchu's takeover of the city as well as his goal to find the key to Mount Penglai, which was the reason for the hijacking of so many mail carts, as the key was always passed from one location to another so no one could ever know its exact whereabouts. In his quest for a "paradise" of order and organization, Qinchu aimed to use the key to lock the gates and isolate the city.

After hearing this, Po took action and crashed through the roof of the palace. He faced Qinchu in a showy display, and the fox stood before him unimpressed. After some back-and-forth banter, Po and Qinchu engaged in combat. This resulted in Po kicking Qinchu and throwing him down, where he then trapped the fox in a roll of carpet. He then told Qinchu it was about time he meet his "public", with the palace door opening to reveal many angry citizens of Mount Penglai, including the former-official and his son.

They took Qinchu and carried him away, resolving to have him thrown down the mountain himself. Later, the official's young son came to Po, joyfully showing him an action-figure in Po's likeness. It was the very package that Po had been looking forward to, but he decided instead to let the boy keep it, and then resolved to help deliver the rest of the missing mail.


Po was introduced to a young piglet named Pong, whom Master Shifu brought to Po as his new student. Pong was in awe upon meeting the panda, as he was a big fan of the Dragon Warrior. As Po worked with him in different exercises, Pong demonstrated his hero worship, as he quoted Po, showed excitement by touching the bamboo pole Po touched, was thrilled to be able to watch him sleep (while keeping him up), and used his sweat rag as a napkin. Po, fed up with this extreme behavior, snapped at the young pig to stop obsessing over everything he did and said, which resulted in Pong walking away with tears in his eyes.

Later, Po related the problem to the Furious Five, who were surprised and taken aback, and pointed out Po's similar "obsessive" behavior with them, from making paper maché replicas of them, trying on and ruining their uniforms, to wanting an autograph on a half-eaten dumpling. Po then regretted yelling at Pong, seeing he was only an excited and eager fan just as he himself was. Afterward, he visited Pong in his room and apologized. He explained that nothing was wrong with looking up to someone, but he also wanted Pong to find his own way and "be his own Pong", and the young pig, still a fan, agreed to keep learning from Po.

In Kung Fu Panda Issue 3[]

"It's Elemental!"[]

Legend told of a time when the world would be cast in darkness, and the five elements would assume physical forms to replace the current protectors. One day, a quintet of warriors claiming to be the elements came to the Jade Palace and demanded that Po and the Furious Five step aside and let them enter. Po refused, stood up to "Earth" and called on his comrades to attack. Unfortunately, Po had not informed the Furious Five of the planned attacked beforehand, and so they failed to get the cue. All six warriors were subsequently overwhelmed and captured.

As they were being marched back to the palace, Po and the Five assured the "elements" that they would not get away with this, as Master Shifu was still at the palace. They received a shock when Shifu, rather than attack the warriors, instead greeted them as honored guests. While Shifu continued to voice his praises for the elements, Po and the Five were bound to a post. When "Fire" got close to a questioning Monkey to demand respect, Po smelled a familiar scent. He noted that the flamingo smelled funny, and when Mantis agreed and stated Fire didn't smell like fire, Fire retaliated by shooting a flame over their heads.

At this point, Po realized what the scent was and became suspicious. The panda then told the Five that he had a plan. He used his weight to make the pole that he and the others were tied to come out from the ground, and shifted to hit the five warriors while still tied up. Soon released from the ropes, Po and Furious Five stood to do battle, declaring that they would never let the warriors enter the Jade Palace. "Metal" stepped forward, threatening Po with a giant blade, but was received with a kick in the back of the head by Shifu, who cued his students to attack. While they battled, Shifu told them that he knew he couldn't fight the five warriors by himself, so he had kept the enemy close until the Po and the others were free.

Po then told the others that the five warriors were not the real elements, even though each of them showed a demonstration of their elemental namesakes. Po had recalled the smell from Fire: sesame oil. The group of warriors attacked in response, and the battle resumed, the elements using fire, water, wooden spikes, and a metal sword to aid them as they fought. While battling Fire, he soon discovered the flamingo was indeed carrying a hidden supply of sesame oil to ignite his flames when he snapped a hidden pipe. This confirmed his suspicion that the Elements were imposers. Near the end of the battle, Po and Tigress worked together to take down Fire, "Water" and "Wood" by throwing each one on top of the other and knocking them all unconscious.

Soon all but one of the warriors were brought down, leaving Earth surrounded. When Po told him to reveal the truth, he revealed that they had meant to deceive them so that they would be allowed into the Jade Palace in order steal its priceless treasures. He demanded they stay back, and Mantis then appeared from behind and struck him with a powerful kick, and the tigard[source?] fell. With the imposers tied up, Po and the Five uncovered how the group had made their "powers" by using sesame oil and hidden containers. Shifu ended with saying Earth was supposedly the "brains" of the operation, as Earth is considered the ultimate element according to the Wu Xing philosophy. Po remarked that the real elements would have been smarter, and would have done better kung fu.

In Kung Fu Panda Issue 4[]

"Best Friends For Never"[]

One afternoon, Po was eating in the noodle shop when the bowl of noodles was suddenly shoved into his face. When he recovered, he was shocked to recognize the laughing pig who had played the prank: Heng, his old childhood friend. Though Heng claimed that they had some good times together, Po remembered differently: when they were children, Heng was cruelly competitive towards the panda. When the Furious Five entered the noodle shop to bring Po back to the Jade Palace, Po introduced him to them. The introduction got off to a bad start when Heng misnamed the team as the "Fabulous Five" and attempted to flirt with Tigress, prompting her to floor him after he took her paw.

Some time later, Po and Heng conversed over dinner, during which Heng explained that after learning that Po had become the Dragon Warrior, he decided that he had to see for himself, and pulled out a diagram they had drawn as children of an obstacle course called the Infinite Obsta-Gauntlet Course of Trapishness. Po was stunned to discover that Heng had not only planned the course, but had also built it. Heng then proceeded to challenge Po to a race. Though at first reluctant, Po remembered Heng's past treatment of him, and seized the opportunity to finally best him.

Thanks to his kung fu skills, Po maintained a steady lead throughout the course, and relished the fact that he was finally winning. However, during the last run to the finish line, the panda remembered a foot race Heng had won when they were children, and how Mr. Ping had warmly expressed his pride in Po's efforts, while Heng's parents had coldly admonished him for being "slow" despite his win. Po realized that Heng's competitiveness stemmed from a need to prove his self-worth, and in an act of compassion he pretended to trip mere meters from the finish line, allowing Heng to win.

Heng was ecstatic and slightly humble in his victory, but then revealed that due to the funds required to have the course built, he had lost his home and his money. Shocked, Po demanded why Heng would do such a thing, and the pig explained that when he learned that Po had become the Dragon Warrior, he became obsessed with proving that he could still beat him. Po told Heng that he didn't have to prove anything, and admonished him for treating everything as a competition. Realizing that Po was right, Heng bid him farewell, only to be stopped by the panda, who had an idea to help Heng get his home back.

And so, with the help of the Furious Five and Mr. Ping, they converted the obstacle course into a kid-friendly playground which promoted kung fu training. With the new course proving a lucrative success, Po told Heng that he would get his old house back in no time. Heng revealed that he wasn't going back to his old home, but was intending to buy a mansion even bigger than Po's. Po reminded him that he lived in the Jade Palace, with Heng asking him if it was for sale, much to the panda's annoyance.

"Let The Fur Fly"[]

One day, Po was summoned from the Noodle Shop to the Jade Palace for an emergency: Tigress had fallen seriously ill from the poison-tipped blade of a bandit's sword. Master Shifu explained that the only cure for the poison was the rare botongy plant, found only in the Forest of Isolation. The rest of the Furious Five weren't allowed to accompany Po, as it was against everything the forest stands for. Though initially reluctant to venture alone, being told that Tigress would not recover without his help convinced Po to agree to make the journey.

After a long journey through many hazardous locations, Po finally reached the Forest of Isolation, which was full of sticky mushrooms. Po quickly discovered the botongy plant, but was confronted by the Chinese Pangolin, the guardian of the forest. In reference to the Pangolin's claims that the greatest offense is a defense, his body was covered in plates, making physical blows useless and painful.

Po persisted, striking the Pangolin all over while drenching him in sticky mushroom goop. The arrogant Pangolin stood completely still during this, and questioned Po over his apparently futile attempts. Po explained that he had no intention of letting Tigress down, and that his blows were meant to disguise his true intentions; the Pangolin then grew aware that the sticky mushrooms in his plates had immobilized him. After commenting that the greatest offense was actually the ability to problem-solve, Po departed with the botongy plant.

Back at the Jade Palace, Shifu explained to Po that thanks to the botongy plant, Tigress was recovering. However, no matter how many times Shifu tried to explain, Tigress seemed convinced that the source of her illness was actually food poisoning from the dumplings Po had dropped some time ago. This resulted in a furious Tigress bursting from her room and chasing Po, who stated that he should have stayed in isolation.

In Kung Fu Panda Issue 5[]

"Discipline and Disorder"[]

At the beginning of the story, Po and Tigress were being chased by assassins in the Forbidden Forest. Their differing ideas over how to deal with the situation were complicated by the fact that they were stuck together with a Chinese finger trap, which frequently put them at odds with each other, particularly when Tigress attempted to use one of the flying arrows to cut through the finger trap, to which Po panicked and yanked it and Tigress away at the last second, as it was aimed to his foot. In exhausted despair, Po exclaimed that their being stuck together was tearing them apart.

The cause of their predicament had happened two days prior, when Shifu sent them on a mission to Wu Zhu Village on the other side of the Forbidden Forest, which was under threat from the warlord Mei. The two warriors traveled to the village and confronted Mei and her soldiers the next day. However, Mei's ability to suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke enabled her to outsmart Po and Tigress, and eventually put them in the finger trap, forcing them to flee.

Back in the present, Po and Tigress attempted to find a hiding spot, but were eventually forced to confront the pursuing soldiers. They attempted to fight them separately in their own way, which again was disastrous, and were only saved when Po accidentally yanked Tigress over a cliff and into the rapids below. After they emerged exhausted from the river, the two realized that they were failing because they both kept thinking that their way was best, and were working against each other instead of with each other. With that, they pushed their fingers together within the trap instead of pulling them apart, and were immediately released. Now free, Po and Tigress returned to the village and take Mei down.

They arrived just as Mei was forcing the mayor to sign a document giving her total control of the village. Shocked that they managed to escape her finger trap, Mei ordered her soldiers to attack. By combining their combat techniques, Po and Tigress effortlessly defeated them, leaving Mei to combat the two warriors alone. When her bladed fans and melee attacks failed, the fox resorted to her disappearing technique. However, Po could smell the egg rolls she had eaten on her breath, and swiftly knocked the warlord out. As Mei was taken into custody, Po and Tigress departed, with Tigress complimenting Po on his work and stating that she would stick with him any day.

In Kung Fu Panda Issue 6[]

"The Slow Fast"[]

One day, Po and the Furious Five were meditating while Shifu explained to them the concept of fasting. However, while the Five had successfully cleared their minds, Po was daydreaming about food. Shifu informed Po that while his kung fu skills had grown, so had his weight, and that he needed to discipline himself. The red panda then ordered him to fast for the next twenty-four hours, and the panda ran off in horror, with Mantis and Crane betting as to how long Po would last, while Tigress remarked that she believed Po could do the full twenty-four hours.

Meanwhile, Po fled in terror, first seeing his reflection in a pond morph into food, and ran into the forest in an attempt to escape temptation. However, he then walked into a berry bush, resulting in berries falling into his mouth that he avoided swallowing. Po then decided to sleep out the rest of the fast, but his snores shook the watermelon tree he was sleeping under, causing a watermelon to fall into his mouth. By spitting it out, he accidentally knocked the watermelon tree by doing so, and had to flee from the falling fruit. He then came to a nearby stream to take a drink, only to run away screaming after remembering that fasting involved avoiding food and drink.

Po managed to escape the forest, but his relief was short lived when he found himself in the Annual Dumpling Festival. Desperate, the panda resolved to take a vow of silence for the rest of the fast to keep any more food from going into his mouth. At that moment, a gang of bandits interrupted the Dumpling Eating Contest, and decided to take all the food, as well as the the prize for the contest, the golden dumpling. Though rendered speechless because of his vow of silence, Po took on the bandits. However, since weapons were not allowed at the festival (a rule the bandits broke), Po struggled to fight them, until he eventually defeated them and forced them to flee by using the enormous variety of food around him as improvised weapons.

With the bandits gone, the grateful citizens rewarded Po with the golden dumpling, but the mute panda gave them a note, explaining that he could not accept it because he did not and would not partake in the eating contest. Just then, Shifu and the Furious Five arrived, and Shifu informed Po that the fast was completed, and commended the panda for achieving discipline. Immediately after this, Po scarfed down all the dumplings and won the contest. Bemused, Shifu stated that he may have spoken too soon.

In Art of Balance[]

"The Art of Balance"[]

Po had a dream about him and the Furious Five in a battle, but in the dream he was attacked by a sinister version of himself, and was soon awoken to find himself in the noodle shop with his head in a bowl of soup. Mr. Ping noticed his son's exhaustion, and Po replied that he wasn't yet used to the busy life he now had working in the restaurant and being the Dragon Warrior. Later on, he trained near the Jade Palace with Shifu, and was subsequently hit by the dummy he was fighting. Shifu questioned Po on why he was distracted, and Po told him about his dream, leaving Shifu to ponder.

Later, Po stumbled upon Kuo, who claimed to be a fan of Mr. Ping and his cooking skills. Seeing that the restaurant was packed, Kuo offered to help for free, Po hired Kuo on the spot, glad for the extra help. When Kuo entered the kitchen, he impressed Mr. Ping with his chopping skills, and asked the goose how to create the right consistency for the "Dragon Warrior's Soft Crunch Noodles". Mr. Ping humbly replied that it was a secret, after which Kuo stared angrily at him as he walked away.

At training the next day, Shifu explained to Po how Oogway had helped him find balance by learning Hing Kung, which appeared be a way to balance on fragile objects. After many failed attempts, Po gradually grew better, though still had not obtained perfect balance.

Po returned to the shop to find Kuo holding Mr. Ping captive, demanding Po for his recipes and sharing how he'd failed in his own restaurants because of Mr. Ping's. Po tried to reason with Kuo, telling him that he had let his misfortunes imbalance him, though this resulted in Kuo angrily throwing a bundle of knives at the panda. Po then dodged and leaped, appearing to trod upon the knifes in the air. He then delivered a kick to Kuo, and then freed Mr. Ping, who thanked Po for saving him. Shifu then prevented Kuo from escaping, knocking him out, and then congratulated Po on finding his balance, as he had solved the problem he made as Po by being the Dragon Warrior.

"The Dragon Chef"[]

Mr. Ping was sick from the "goose flu", leaving Po to take care of the restaurant all day. Because of the overwhelming amount of customers, he enlisted the help of the Furious Five. Though the kung fu quintet tried to serve successfully, they failed to bring customers their food, instead getting it all over them. Soon, Mr. Ping recovered in time to help, cooking with incredible ease and speed. Po and the Five praised him, regarding him as the "Dragon Chef".

In Legends of Awesomeness[]

Po's dreams of kung fu adventure came true the day that Master Oogway named him the legendary Dragon Warrior. Now a master himself, Po gets to live out his dream everyday at the Jade Palace as he sharpens his kung fu skills with Master Shifu, battles bad guys with the Furious Five and of course, takes a snack break every now and then. With the Furious Five by his side, Po will stop at nothing to keep evil out of the Valley of Peace.

In Kung Fu Panda 2[]

Some time after defeating Tai Lung, Po, cheered on by the Furious Five in the Training Hall, attempted to see how many bean buns he could stuff into his mouth. After reaching forty, he was soon summoned to the Dragon Grotto where he witnessed Shifu meditating. The master then performed a technique that allowed him to catch and guide a falling water droplet upon his paws without breaking it, much to Po's fascination. Shifu specified that he could do this because he'd found inner peace, and that it was the next step in Po's training. Before they could proceed with the lesson, Tigress arrived and told Po that the Musicians' Village was under attack by bandits. Po immediately rose to the challenge and left with the Five.

As Po and the Furious Five fought the invading pack of wolves, they worked together in battle and managed to save most of the metal the wolves were attempting to steal. The pack had been chased off, and the village celebrated their heroes. Suddenly, Po turned to see another wolf still present and prepared to fight him off. But before he could do so, he noticed the symbol on the wolf's armor and received a vision of his mother, which temporarily dazed him long enough to take the wolf's hammer to the face, knocking him down and allowing the wolf to escape.

Not knowing what to make of this vision, Po then went to the Noodle Shop to seek answers from Mr. Ping. After explaining what he'd seen, he nervously asked the goose where he came from. Mr. Ping hesitantly admitted the truth that he had adopted him, and showed him an empty radish crate, telling him the story of how he had found him in it as a baby, and had taken care of him, growing to love him and raise him as his son. Wishing to know more, Po was dissatisifed with what little information he‘d gained. Though his father tried to comfort him, reminding him that he had a good life regardless of how his story began, Po remained troubled with lingering questions about his past.

Soon time later, Shifu received a message that Master Thundering Rhino of Gongmen City had been killed by a powerful weapon that Lord Shen had made, which was capable of making kung fu obsolete. Shifu then told Po and the Five to go to Gongmen City, destroy the weapon, and defeat Shen, though Po was concerned about how they would be able to "stop something that stops kung fu", to which Shifu advised him that anything was possible—if he had inner peace.

Before Po and the Five could leave the Valley, they were stopped by Mr. Ping, who gave Po a backpack full of his favorite foods, paintings of their moments together, and Po's action figures. Fearing for his son, Mr. Ping pleaded with him not to go, but Po remarked that he had to fulfill his duty as the Dragon Warrior, asking rhetorically what he would be if he didn't go to save kung fu. Mr. Ping supplied that he was his son, to which Po merely stared at him, not answering when the goose questioned whether he agreed. Pressed to leave with the others by Tigress, Po said goodbye to the goose and set off on his journey as Mr. Ping sadly watched him go.

They spent several days traveling across China, crossing snowy mountains and huge deserts. One night while sleeping on a river in a small boat, Po had a dream about his parents replacing him with a radish, and woke in distress. He went outside the boat to try and do the technique Shifu had showed him. However, droplets of water kept falling on him, eventually causing him to yell in frustration. Po was then confronted by Tigress, who started to spar with him. Po shared how he had found out that Mr. Ping had adopted him, though tried to shrug off that this bothered him, and complimented Tigress‘ "hardcore" ability to not feel anything, his comment making Tigress pause in thought.

When they arrived at Gongmen City, they found that the wolves that had raided the Musicians' Village had taken over the city, harassing the citizens. Po soon separated from the Five and snuck in with a dragon costume, the Five eventually joining him in his disguise. He eventually found a sheep, who told him that Master Storming Ox and Croc were being kept inside Gongmen Jail. Upon arriving at the jail, Po and the Five burst the masters' prison cell door open. However, the two masters refused to come with them and instead were resilient to stay in their cell, stating that kung fu was dead.

Taken aback by this, Po tried again and again to force them out of their cells, but was unsuccessful, though remained convinced that kung fu still lived. However, before he and others turned to depart, Boss Wolf and two of his wolves found them. Although the two wolves were quickly taken down by the Five, Boss Wolf fled and Po tried to catch him, their battle becoming a frantic chase that led out into the streets, until eventually they ended up in front of Shen's palace, where all of Shen's wolves surrounded them. Po then surrendered, though he stated that he had a plan.

After they were taken up to Shen, Po found a small figurine of the weapon and destroyed it, but his triumph turned to horror when he saw the actual, larger weapon. He met Lord Shen, who laughed at the sight of him in chains, and conversed with the Soothsayer about the panda having had “A lifetime to plan his revenge”. Po began to sense that Shen and the Soothsayer knew something that he didn't, but Shen gave no answers, and ordered Boss Wolf to fire the cannon at him and the Five. When he tried to light the fuse, however, Mantis (who had actually been replaced by Po's action figure of him in a cage when they were captured) was quick to put it out, and attacked Boss Wolf.

Meanwhile, Viper had successfully picked and unlocked Tigress' cuffs, freeing her and the others. Po and the Five then rose to fight, the Five proceeding to destroy the weapon and Po taking on Shen himself. When Po had the chance to fight the peacock, however, he received another vision, this time of Shen, and realized that he had some connection to his past. With Po frozen before the peacock, Shen escaped and the panda and the Five soon found to their horror that ‘’more’’ cannons had been produced. Seeing that they were trapped inside, they made their way up to escape and reached the top of the palace, where they jumped and evaded the fire arrows being shot at them.

They returned to Gongmen Jail, where Masters Storming Ox and Croc asked what was happening. Tigress confronted Po as to why he had let Shen escape, telling him to stay while they went to stop Shen after he didn't answer. After Po made many efforts to leave, only to be stopped by Tigress, he finally told her that Shen knew what had happened to his parents, and that had to know the truth about his past, adding that “The hardcore can‘t understand“. He was then surprised when Tigress unexpectedly hugged him, telling him that she did understand, but didn't want to see her friend die. She then left with the rest of the Five as Po stayed behind.

However, Po later found his own way into the cannon foundry, and eventually found the peacock. They ensued in a battle, the Five struggling against Shen's minions to reach Po while the panda demanded Shen to tell what had happened. The peacock told him with satisfaction that he'd seen his parents abandoned him and that they didn't love him. Taking advantage of Po's shock at hearing this, he revealed one of his largest cannons and fired at the panda. Although Po had shielded himself with a wok pan, the force still shot him out of the factory and into a nearby river, where he drifted unconscious and badly-injured.

After floating down the river, Po was eventually rescued by the Soothsayer, who brought him to a derelict village and healed him. The Soothsayer brought up his troubling visions, and told him how she had long ago foreseen that Shen would be defeated by a warrior of black and white. As Po looked around the village, he saw more flashes in his mind from his past, and even recognized an old burnt panda doll. At the advice of the Soothsayer, Po allowed the visions to come freely instead of fighting them, until his full memory finally came back, and he remembered what had happened.

He saw his parents happily living with him in the village when he was a baby, and saw Shen and his wolves attacking pandas in the village. While raindrops fell as the story flowed through his mind, Po managed to perform the same water drop technique Shifu had demonstrated. He saw that his parents had not abandoned him as Shen claimed, but had both risked their lives to save him, and his mother had hidden him in a crate of radishes before distracting Shen and the wolves to follow her alone. Though saddened at discovering this, Po then recalled all the good memories of his past, as well as the happiness he had in the present. He realized that he had led a fulfilling life since being adopted by Mr. Ping, and, finally knowing who he really was, found inner peace.

Po then returned to Gongmen City, and saw the Furious Five tied up in chains above Shen's fleet, which was just about to leave the city to begin his conquest of China. But Shen noticed the panda, and ordered his wolves to fire at him. Po made it on the boat and attacked the wolves, freeing the Five and fighting alongside them. Later in the battle, Storming Ox and Croc joined in, along with Shifu, who had traveled to the city after sensing Po's near-death-experience. As the battle raged on, Shen managed to take control of a cannon and aimed it Po. Before he fired, however, Tigress pushed Po out of the way, taking most of the impact of the cannon, and she and the other kung fu warriors were blasted into the water.

After surveying the rest of his friends, who were weak and exhausted as they hung on to the wreckage, Po saw to the injured Tigress, and held her paw in concern. Angered at Shen, Po swam to an overturned boat and stood before the entire fleet as the others watched. Shen fired at him once more, and Po, concentrating on inner peace, evaded the cannonball, redirecting it with ease similarly to the technique Shifu had shown when he had guided the water droplet. Shen ordered to fire at him again and again, but Po continued to evade and throw the blasts elsewhere, until he caught one of the cannonballs and struggled with its force. Before releasing the cannonball, he said "Skadoosh", then threw it at Shen, and it collided with his cannon, destroying it and his entire fleet.

Po later found Shen among the remains, and the peacock asked him how he managed to find peace after all he had done to him. Po told him that he had simply left his past behind, and urged Shen to do the same. Shen instead started attacking Po in a rage, with Po evading most of his strikes, until Shen had inadvertently cut loose his destroyed cannon, which then fell on top of him and exploded as Po dived out of range and into the water. Po surfaced near the dock and was greeted by Tigress, who then helped him out of the water and complimented his actions as "pretty hardcore". Po then hugged her, shocking her and the rest of the warriors who were watching nearby. Shifu then came and and congratulated Po on achieving inner peace. All of the villagers then cheered as Po and the other masters watched the fireworks display above the city.

Bringing with him two crates of radishes as well as his old panda doll, Po returned home to Mr. Ping, who was dealing with a unsatisfied customer and her son, and was beset with worry for Po. Relieved to see him, he hugged Po happily and asked him if he saved China, to which Po confirmed he had. Po then told him that he had found out about his origins and how he had ended up in the radish basket as a baby. Po declared to Mr. Ping that he knew who he was: he was his son. The two shared a long tearful hug before they went into the noodle shop's kitchen, both insisting to cook for each other.

Meanwhile, far away from the Valley and unknown to Po, his still-living panda father had suddenly become aware that his son was alive, and appeared hopeful as he overlooked the view his small village, inhabited by other pandas.

In Secrets of the Masters[]

Po went to explore the Masters' Council exhibit with Tigress and Mantis, whom he had told there was an "emergency". After crashing through the ceiling, Po started studying the exhibit in awe, and told Tigress and Mantis the story of how Thundering Rhino, Storming Ox, and Croc were brought together.

Later, Shifu arrived and dismissed Tigress and Mantis, and tasked Po with fixing the roof of the exhibit. Before he could start, Po slipped on the floor and fell into the Sarcophagus of Su Wu, which he was trapped in for a presumably long period of time.

Story of Joining Sora's Team[]

Po and the Furious Five were training, they soon met Happy, Kiko, Mikey and Stitch as they climbed the stairway. Happy did all the talking as Stitch and Po were goofing around after they took off. During their playtime, they had too fight off Heartless, and Subspacers. When they had to retreated, Po was told by Master Shifu for Po and the Furious Five to join and help save their world, and defeat Master Xehanort and their other enemies. Before officially joining, Master Shifu had a test of a showdown to see if they are worthy of being allies for them. After their showdown Po and the Furious Five joinedto help after the Keyhole appeared from the Jade Palace itself.