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Mei Misaki is the main female protagonist of the manga and anime Another.

Mei Misaki
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Another
Video games
Character information
Full name Mei Misaki
Other names One Who Does Not Exist
Personality sweet, non-sociable, quiet, solitary, friendly
Appearance short black hair, standart school uniform
Occupation Student
Affiliations Sora's Team
Threat Level
Goal To protect her friends
Relatives Mitsuyo Fujioka (Mother)
Yukiyo Misaki (Maternal Aunt/Adoptive Mother)
Misaki Fujioka (Twin sister, deceased)
Unborn Cousin (deceased)
Amane (Maternal Grandmother)
Alignment Good
Species Human
Partner(s) Kouichi Sakakibara, Sora, Lucy (Elfen Lied)
Allies Kouichi Sakakibara, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Lucy (Elfen Lied), Raiga Saejima
Enemies Xehanort, Kars, Dio Brando, Izumi Akazawa, Yumi Ogura, Takako Sugiura
Likes her friends and family, Drawing, Looking at dolls
Dislikes dual shade, when her friends are hurt
Powers and abilities Ability to see "the color of death", Talented artist
Fate Stops the curse and protects Kouichi
Quote "Death is not kind. It's dark, black as far as you can see, and you're all alone."
"Thanks to you, Sora! We can actually save a lot of lives."


Mei first meets Kouichi Sakakibara in the hospital's elevator and tells him that she's going to the morgue since her lesser "other half" is waiting for her. She is later seen on the school roof sketching. Kouichi asks many questions and Mei implies that she hates being questioned. She is seen talking with him many times.

In Episode 3, when Kouichi had finished his test he went outside after seeing Mei leave the classroom. She tells him that she doesn't exist and that Kouichi may be the only one who can see her, leaving him shocked. At that time, Yukari Sakuragi runs out of the classroom, grabs her umbrella and runs towards Kouichi's direction. However, after seeing Mei she becomes frightened and runs in the other direction. She trips down the stairs and her neck is skewered by the aforementioned spear-like umbrella.

Kouichi meets her again in the doll store, where she warns him to be careful since "it" has started and disappears mysteriously soon after.

But in Episode 5, it is revealed that Mei really exists when Kouichi finds the class roster along with a sheet of paper written "Ask Mei Misaki about it" in it. Kouichi visits the doll store once again and Mei takes him up to her apartment through an elevator hidden behind a curtain. She asked Kouichi if he suspected her of being a ghost. Mei assures him she is alive and is positive she has not died. Since, "it" has started again, Mei tells him everything about the class curse, unknown reasons of the deaths, and the prevention measures of the class. Kouichi and Mei's relationship continues to develop to the point that he frequently comes to Mei's apartment and on one such occasion, he meets Kirika, Mei's mom, who she says only treats her like the other dolls in her house. Later on, she tells Kouichi that she will be going on a vacation to her beach house with her parents, so she won't be back for a week. When the others go to find information on the curse from a worker at a hotel by the beach named Katsumi Matsunaga, Kouichi meets Mei there and they talk about her family. Mei tells him that her father doesn't come to Japan often and that they aren't really close, despite them being a family. While they talk, their hands touch as they build a sand castle, a seemingly unimportant part of the story, but this detail shows how Mei and Kouichi's relationship is progressing.

After, it is decided there should be a contest to see who can catch the most ingredients to make lunch, Mei shows Kouichi a starfish and a pufferfish, but he tells her that they aren't edible until she finds an octopus, which latches onto her. This scares her and she tells Kouichi to get it off of her. They look at their findings and show them to Reiko, who, after a long deliberation, declares a draw. Matsunaga later finds them, but tells them that he can't remember anything except for someone possibly dying in the mountains on the class trip to the shrine. Suddenly, a strong breeze comes and blows a beach ball out far into the ocean. Junta Nakao says he will go get it, swimming out to retrieve the lost plastic item. But when the ball appears just to be within reach, he stops moving, just floating out in the ocean. Kouichi and Matsunaga swim out to save him, only to witness his body being sliced by an oncoming motorboat. Mei stands by Izumi Akazawa on the beach in shock. In Episode 9, Mei is walking along with Kouichi behind Tatsuji Chibiki who asks them about the behaviour of Nakao the day he died. Kouichi and the others mention that he was suffering from car sickness, and that he was unable to swim straight when retrieving the beach ball. After Chibiki clarifies them that the reason why Nakao died had originated in Yomiyama itself, they leave. Later on, when Kouichi along with Naoya Teshigawara enter the art club to search for a clue Matsunaga mentioned, they find Mei painting.

Yuuya Mochizuki comes hurriedly into the club room which prompts her to ask them why they all were there. Finally, the trio answers her and she tags along with them. They reach the floor of the abandoned 9th-grade classrooms. They reach the class 3 section of the hall and search for the clue Matsunaga had left during his class of 1983. While gossiping with each other, Mei tries to open a window to get fresh air. As a result, a big fragment of glass almost falls on her, but Kouichi grabs her before she is impaled by a shard of glass. Kouichi finds the tape, and the group goes to the AV room to find a tape recorder.

In Episode 10, Mei invites Kouichi into her room at the inn they are staying at during the school trip to the shrine in the mountains to see the graduation photo where Yomiyama Misaki appeared. Mei

tells Kouichi the truth about her and her cousin, Misaki Fujioka, who is actually her twin, and Kirika, who is actually her aunt, not mother. She tells Kouichi about how she can see things that should remain unseen, stating that she can distinguish the color of death by uncovering her left eye and determine whether something is alive or dead. She also says that the color of death is different from any color that she has ever seen, stating that it does not belong with colors such as red or blue. Kouichi asks who the dead one is. But when Mei is about to tell him who the dead person is, Teshigawara bursts into the room, interrupting, them, saying that he has done something terrible.

In Episode 11, Teshigawara admits to Kouichi and Mei that he thinks he might have killed Kazami by accidentally pushing him off the balcony while they were fighting. Kouichi tells Mei and Teshigawara to go check and see if he is still alive. When they reach the hall, Kouichi noticed the something odd about the dining room door and walks toward it. He finds Manabu Maejima, who was badly injured and discovers that the dining room is on fire with the manager dead inside. They hear Takako's scream and go up to her room to rescue her. Takako was gone and later appears with a knife, trying to kill Mei. Kouichi protects her and Takako flees the scene. She plays the tape over the intercom and tells the students that Mei Misaki is the dead one. This prompts everyone into going on a manhunt to find Mei, forcing Kouichi to protect her. They are pursued by the class, and they tried to escape through the window when Yumi Ogura found them. Yumi follows Mei and Kouichi out the window. She slashes at Mei but Kouichi pulls her out of the way; Yumi slips and falls off of the window sill and falls to her death.

In the last episode, Takako appears again with her knife, ready to kill Mei, believing she will free her remaining classmates from the curse. Takako stabs Kouichi and charges towards Mei, attempting to kill her. Mei dodges Takako's attack, causing her to become entangled in loose wiring connected to the ceiling. Takako's violent struggle to free herself causes the wires to pull on a loose support beam, which ripped through the wires and pulled Takako up, and strangling her to death. Mei is shocked when Takako is hung up in front of her. Izumi arrives, witnessing the scene and assumes that Misaki had killed her, since she was holding her knife in her hand. She then snaps and says she's going to kill Mei, prompting Mei to run up the steps as more of the ceiling collapse, separating her from Kouichi and Izumi.

In Episode 12, Kouichi and a few other survivors run out of the burning building. However, he runs back into the burning building to search for Mei once he realizes she's missing. He runs up the stairs and discovers that Izumi has cornered Mei on the other side of the floor. As Izumi attempts to kill Mei, Kouichi manages to stop her in time. The entire platform collapses causing them to fall to the bottom floor. When Izumi finally gets a hold of Mei, she attempts to kill her but is stopped by Kouichi, but at that moment, lightning strikes. The lightning shatters the hall's giant window, and large glass shards are sent flying towards them. Izumi ends up being skewered against the wall by the glass shards. Kouichi is shocked, he runs and removes her from the wall. Mei disappears as Izumi tells Kouichi about her memory of their meeting before she dies.

Kouichi then calls Mei's cell phone trying to locate her amongst the rubble of the decimated building. She tells him that she is in the backyard and that he shouldn't come saying that he'll regret it. Kouichi goes to her anyway, ignoring her warning. He finds her with a pickaxe next to a fallen tree and hears sounds coming from underneath. He tries to help the person underneath only for Mei to stop him. The person struggles under the fallen pile of lumber and it is revealed to be Mikami-Sensei, Kouichi's aunt Reiko Mikami. Mei then reveals that Ms. Mikami as the deceased person. Kouichi is in disbelief, but Mei explains that she remembers witnessing Ms. Mikami being assaulted and thrown in the river, resulting in her drowning, one and a half years ago. She also points out that their class was the only one to have an Assistant Homeroom teacher and that they actually had the correct amount of seats this year and the missing seat actually being in the faculty room. Mei's explanation causes him to finally believe her and he decides to send Reiko back to death himself.

They are later seen at the Mikami family grave together on a sunny, warm day. The grave lists both Ritsuko, Kouichi's mother, and Reiko as deceased. Kouichi and Mei then talk about how they are the only ones to remember Mikami-sensei. They are also the only ones able to see her in the photo they took outside of the inn. Kouichi and Mei walk together, Kouichi asking why she doesn't answer her phone when he calls. Mei tells him that after the incident at the inn she threw her phone into the river because she hates those devices. She also mentions that her mother will without a doubt get her a new cell phone soon. Kouichi then asks if he may call her sometimes when she gets her new phone. She smiles and replies, "Sure." Then Kouchi asks if it is all over, with all the senseless death and Mei responds with a reassuring smile.

Another OVA[]

She appears in Episode 0 and meets Misaki in secret. They often talked about their family situation and did several activities together (i.e. changing clothes, eating ice cream, or showering) they even sleep in the same bed. Without her eyepatch, Mei sees the color of death on Misaki; wondering why, when they go to the amusement park she is overprotective. They ride the Ferris wheel and talk. A bird suddenly crashes into the glass killing itself and shocking Misaki who stumbles towards the door which suddenly breaks open. Misaki falls but Mei catches her but cannot pull her back up. Mei is devastated and is forced to watch as her sister falls. However, the drop wasn't far and Misaki landed on her feet surprising them both; she later explains that despite almost dying today was a good day. After doing some more activities the twins disband but upon leaving Mei watches Misaki collapse. They are later seen at a hospital and Misaki appears to be fine; she explains that she has leukemia and that it is treatable. Mei says that if she needs an organ donor that she is there for her, but later on Misaki unexpectedly dies. Mei is devastated and attempts to take out her artificial eye, but doesn't. She later goes to the hospital and meets Kouichi Sakakibara, leading to the events of Episode 1. Before Misaki died, she asked for her birthday a doll, explaining why Mei had a doll and was going to the morgue.

Story of Joining Sora's Team[]

Mei and Kouichi had heard about Sora so they willingly joined Sora and the gang in order to protect the worlds. She became a master sorceress as she casts powerful spells which helps her to annihilate the villains.