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Ferb Fletcher is a British child of the Fletcher family currently living in the American city of Danville. He is the stepson of Linda Flynn and son of Lawrence Fletcher. Being a native of England, he speaks with an English accent. He is one of three children of the Flynn-Fletcher household among his step-siblings Phineas Flynn and Candace Flynn.

People he knows as friends include Buford Van Stomm, Baljeet, and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. He also seems to be interested in Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, with whom he has frequently flirted with and helped.

His known alias, Ferb, is evidently short for a longer name, however, he was interrupted when he came close to mentioning what that name was. ("Vanessassary Roughness")

Ferb very rarely speaks, but is not actually shy as others would assume. He is very courageous and has the ability to think quickly and stay calm in the midst of desperate scenarios. A notable skill of his is a technical and technological proficiency he shares with his stepbrother which he can easily take advantage of and build almost anything he chooses to. Now, Ferb's wife is Lilo Pelekai.

On Sora's Team

Ferb is very skilled like Phineas Flynn, and build the team's gadgets for their missions into other worlds.