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Demon Towa is a minor character in the anime series Hanyō no Yashahime and the full demon form of Towa who first appeared in the episode, Sesshōmaru's Daughter.


She has the same exact clothes and still has silver hair as her normal form, this time however with pointy ears and an extra longer hair matching that of her mother, Rin. She gains a crescent moon on her fore head just like Setsuna (In her demon form), her father Sesshōmaru, and her grandmother. Her fangs become more pronounced and she gains the same cheek stripes as Setsuna (In her demon form) and her grandfather, Tōga, the Great Dog Demon. Her whole body gives off a bright blue sky aura when using her powers. While not being able to control herself, her eyes become very similar to her full demon half-uncle's and lacks the crescent moon on her forehead, in which the awaking the blood of her late grandfather's. In addition, her body gives off a crimson colored aura instead of her light blue aura. Her fingernails also lengthen to claws.


Despite having her full demon blood being activated, Demon Towa is still able to control her sanity instead of going on a rampage, she however has a more serious personality than her normal self. She does not have the patience to wait and kill her enemy and does not take praises so lightly as seen with her continuous battle with Kirinmaru who praised her and Moroha for being able to use so much demonic energy with no loss of control as her and Beniyasha got sick of his repeated lecturing demeanor and rather not mess around while during a fight. When Towa transformed into her full demon self once more after she had succumbed to Nanahoshi's Eternity Bug, she is then shown to be driven insanely mad as she relentlessly sliced Nanahoshi in half by instantly killing him. She then is shown to have lack of caring about her mother's life as she cared about destroying Zero. When Setsuna arrived to help calm her sister down and called her sis after she showed her Dream Butterfly on what her mother Rin used to seal her painful memories away, the transformed Towa reverted back to original self and they both tearfully embraced each other.