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Beatrice was the main antagonist of the first half Umineko no Naku Koro ni.



Beatrice appears very sadistic and seems to think of things as a game. She is also manipulative as she almost tricked Battler into believing she had redeemed and thus making him sign a contract proving his belief in her existence. However, she and Virgilia cracked there and Beatrice showed her kind and gentle personality had been an act. She doesn't seem to be easily insulted, as when she had given away a witchlike laughter. Her butler commented her "laugh lacks elegance'", to which she replied "Oh, I'm sorry" and gave away a more controlled chuckle.

She does however have a compassionate side, as shown by her being repulsed at Eva-Beatrice's sadistic game with Rosa and Maria.

Her goal is to make Battler accept and acknowledge her existence.


Beatrice has blonde hair in a neat bun with a red rose at the side of her head. Her eyes are bright blue.

She wears a dark violet choker with a lace hem, matching the collar of her dress. The dress is very elaborate, dark violet with golden markings that resembles fire.

Beatrice's symbol are golden butterflies; she is also the Golden Witch.

In Doujin Soft[]

Beatrice is defeated by Battler when he manages to explain her last scenario with human tricks. She is impaled by large, sharp rocks growing from the earth. In the end, she begs Battler to "just... Help me die..."

Story of Joining the Sora's Team[]

When Sora and the team were looking for the the Keyhole in Beatrices castle, Ghoulia spotted Beatrices body like she was damaged in battle. Kenny and Frankie helped brought her to life, and made Beatrice a member when she was grateful for their kind nature and bringing her back to life.